Welcome to the Cap Factory.
Welcome to the Cap Factory.

Stock Designs



C1 Balloon
C2 Boat
C3 Dino
C4 JackinBox
C5 Kite
C6 Lion
C7 Rainbow
C8 Tortoise
C9 Train
C10 House
C11 Teddy
C12 Boy ball
C13 Skipping
C14 House
C15 Seasaw
C16 Sun Cloud
C17 Boy Girl
C18 Dog
C19 School Bus
C20 Cat
C22 Dragon
C23 Fairy
C24 Spider

Dogs and Cats

DC1 Basset
DC2 Border Collie
DC3 Westie
DC4 Old English
DC5 St Bernard
DC6 Afgan
DC7 Yorkie
DC8 Scottie
DC9 Retreiver
DC10 Doberman
DC11 Dalmation
DC13 Tabbie
DC12 G Shep
DC14 Lazy Cat
DC15 Fat Cat
DC16 Cartoon Cat
DC17 Paw
DC18 Flea Cat
DC19 Purple Cat
DC20 Cat Face
DC21 Shadow Cat


New Zealand

Horses and Ponies

HP1 Horsehead
HP2 Jumping
HP3 Hunt Horse
HP4 Running
HP5 Show Jumping
HP6 Pony girl
HP7 Pony Rider
HP8 Galloping
HP9 Cartoon Horse
HP10 Horseshoe

Miscellaneous 1

M11 Ying Yang
M12 Firework
M13 Lips
M14 Wheelchair
M15 Isle Of Man
M16 Scissors
M17 Serpent
M18 Devil
M19 Grim Reaper
M110 Chinese food
M111 Fish&Chips
M112 Hotdog
M113 Kebab
M114 Pizza
M115 Circus
M116 Strongman
M117 Ballet Shoe
M118 Cowboy Boot
M119 Dartboard
M120 Dom & Darts
M121 Love
M123 Virtue
M124 Tranquility
M125 Courage
M126 Eternity

Miscellaneous 2

M21 Apple
M22 Fried egg
M23 Fruit
M24 Hamburger
M25 Hotdog
M26 Icecream
M27 Popcorn
M28 Sandwich
M214 Wessex
M215 Passenger plane
M216 Hotair
M217 Microlight
M218 Glider
M219 Planes
M220 Sopwit
M221 Helicopter
M222 Spade tools

Motor Sports

MS1 Crossed flags
MS2 Winner
MS3 Motorbike
MS4 Dirt Bike
MS5 Rally Car
MS6 Classic Car
MS7 Spark plug
MS8 Sports car
MS9 Touring
MS10 Racing
MS11 Quad
MS12 Pole Position
MS13 Dragster
MS14 Champion


N1 Swan
N2 Humming Bird
N3 Ostridge
N4 Flamingo
N5 The Swan
N6 Butterfly1
N7 Butterfly2
N8 Butterfly3
N9 Rose
N10 Beech Tree
N11 Daffodile
N12 Cactus
N13 Thistle
N14 Daisy
N15 Palm Tree
N16 Tulip
N17 Shamrock
N18 Happy Bee
N19 Rose Thistle
N20 Wheat
N21 Palm sunset
N22 Stylish Tree

Nautical and Fishing

NF1 Lighthouse
NF2 Anchor
NF3 Reef Knot
NF4 Life Ring
NF5 Compass
NF6 Red Ensign
NF7 Seahorse
NF8 Ships Wheel
NF9 Rope anchor
NF10 Lighthouse Rocks
NF Hat Scroll
NF12 Crown Anchor
NF14 Skull Swords
NF15 Scuba Diver
NF16 Ship
NF17 Carp
NF18 Silhouette
NF20 Happy Fish
NF21 Fly
NF22 Fly Fishing
NF23 Fisherman

Pub Sports

PS1 Darts
PS2 Domino
PS3 Pool
PS$ Snooker
PS% Cards
PS6 Beer


S1 Chick Egg
S2 Rabbit
S3 Valentine
S4 Ireland
S6 Ghost
S7 Hounted House
S8 Fireworks
S9 Rocket
S10 Reindeer
S11 Snowman
S12 Polar Bear
S13 Penguin
S15 Holly
S16 Star
S17 Rudolph
S18 Horn
S19 Candy Canes
S20 Punpkin
S21 Easter Bunny

Sports - Assorted

SA1 Male Runner
SA2 Female Runner
SA3 Medals
SA4 Clock
SA6 Weighlifter
SA7 Gymnast
SA8 Boxing Gloves
SA9 Skydiver
SA10 Archery
SA11 Curler
SA12 Snowborder
SA13 Bowler
SA14 Mountain Biker

Sports - Ball Sports

SB1 Snooker
SB2 Hockey
SB3 Tennis
SB4 Pool Balls
SB5 Rugby Ball
SB6 Table Tennis
SB7 Volleyball
SB8 Ten Pin bowling
SB9 Cricket
SB10 Soccer
SB11 American Football
SB12 Petrified Pins
SB13 Tired
SB14 Trainer
SB15 Striker
SB16 Rugby Player
SB17 Goalkeeper
SB18 Rugby
SB19 Football
SB20 Football boots

Sports - Extreme

SE1 Bungee
SE2 Bungee Text
SE3 Canoe
SE4 Downhill
SE5 Extreme
SE6 Surfer
SE7 Trails Bike
SE9 WaterSkier
SE12 Handglider
SE13 Jetski
SE14 Parachut
SE15 Rafting
SE16 Rockclimbing
SE17 Skateborder
SE18 Skier
SE19 Sky Border
SE20 Sky Diver
SE21 Snowborder

Sports - Golf

G1 Golf Clubs
G2 Golf Heads
G3 Tees
G4 Golf green2
G5 Victory
G6 Divet
G7 Silhouette
G8 Golf Crest
G12 Fore
G9 Golf bag
G10 Birdie
G11 Golf Green
G13 Abstract
G14 Eagle
G15 Crossed Clubs
G16 19th Hole
G17 Bogie
G18 Hole in 1
G19 Outline Golfer
G20 Golf Text

Stag Hen

H1 L plate
H2 Martini Glass
H3 Bunny
H4 Horny
H5 Angel Devil
H6 Horny Hens
S1 Pole Dancer
S2 Cuff Links
S3 Stag
S4 StagDo
S5 Naked Lady
S6 Stags on Tour


T1 Classic Car
T2 Coach
T3 Car Outline
T4 Tractor
T5 Racing Bike
T6 Transit Outline
T8 Racing Car
T9 Bobcat
T10 Semi Artic
T11 Dumper Truck
T12 Cartoon Truck
T13 Truck
T15 Cat
T16 Excavator
T17 Folklift
T18 Ambulance

Wild Animals

WA1 Deer
WA2K angaroo
WA3 Panda
WA4 Polar Bear
WA5 Rabbit
WA6 Rhino
WA7 Squirrel
WA8 Bat
WA9 Elephant
WA10 Mouse
WA11 Whale
WA12 Snake
WA15 Frog
WA17 Monkey
WA14 Zebra

Zodiac Signs

Z1 Aquarius Symbol
Z2 Aquarius
Z3 Pisces Symbol
Z4 Pisces
Z5 Aries Symbol
Z6 Aries
Z7 Taurus Symbol
Z8 Taurus
Z9 Gemini Symbol
Z10 Gemini
Z11 Cancer Symbol
Z12 Cancer
Z13 Leo Symbol
Z14 Leo
Z15 Virgo Symbol
Z17 Libra Symbol
Z18 Libra
Z19 Scorpio Symbol
Z20 Scorpio
Z21 Sagatarius Symbol
Z22 Sagatarius
Z23 Capricorn Symbol
Z24 Capricorn
Z26 Female Symbol
Z25 Male Symbol